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Gelatin Innovations was created in 2001 by the owner of Vyse Gelatin Company because he saw the need for a gelatin company that served more specialized gelatin markets. Gelatin Innovations focused on small pack sizes and gelatin dessert flavor blends. Due to its success, Gelatin Innovations acquired the Custom Collagen division of Vyse Gelatin Company in 2012 and assumed the Custom Collagen name as this name more accurately portrays the nature of the business. As a highly specialized gelatin company, Custom Collagen is able to supply all gelatin markets to ensure that we meet your specific needs. We understand that there are many customers with unique requirements. We were established to meet those requirements by maintaining maximum flexibility and offering options that are not available with other gelatin companies. Our connection to Vyse Gelatin allows us to draw on over 80 years of knowledge and experience in the gelatin industry. Our small packaging options are perfect for small businesses and retail sales.


Our new facility was completed in 2012. It features state of the art equipment that was designed by our president who has 40+ years of experience in this industry. Our shelves are always stocked with a large variety of premium gelatin and collagen. Quality, efficiency, and cleanliness are important to us. We take pride in our raw material selection process and internal organization systems. Here, each order is carefully selected and custom blended to meet your specification.

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