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Animal Collagen Supplements for Healthy Pets

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Animal Collagen Supplements for Healthy Pets

December 18, 2017 - customcollagen

Humans aren’t the only creatures who need help maintaining their health. Our pets depend on us to provide them with loving care and nutrition. We owe it to them to explore any avenue that might help keep our best buddies happy and healthy as we age. That’s why collagen experts have created animal collagen and other supplement formulas designed specifically for horses and dogs, two species that frequently suffer from joint issues in their later years. But what specific benefits does collagen offer for these four-legged friends, and how can we ensure that they’re getting enough of the supplement in their diet?


Collagen for Dogs

If you’ve ever watched a dog grow old, you can speak first hand to how heartbreaking it can be to watch your once-energetic pup limp around the house and slowly lose interest in anything besides napping and eating. Though there’s no way to stop a dog from aging, the benefits offered by collagen supplements can help make that transition much easier for both you and your dog.


One of the reasons why so many dogs become inactive in their later years is because there’s just too much pain involved in moving at anything faster than a trot. But, as with humans, collagen supplements can be of great assistance in lessening that pain and may even be able to repair some of the wear to your dog’s joints – wear that is the main culprit in much of canine pain. Because dogs (again, as with humans) naturally produce less collagen as they age, their bodies lose the ability to self-maintain their joints. Without the support they need, those joints break down through conditions like arthritis and tendonitis. Adding collagen powder to your dog’s diet makes up for that absence – you can even introduce it to their food before they grow old to boost the general strength of their joint.


Collagen can help with more than just healthy joints, however. The compound is also of the utmost importance in maintaining healthy skin, fur, and nails. Though these benefits are mainly aesthetic, some dogs can suffer from painful and aggravating conditions tied to the dry skin that may result from collagen deficiencies. It’s even been shown that glycine – an amino acid found in collagen supplements – can help in the maintenance of strong, healthy muscles.


The only question that remains, then, is how to introduce collagen supplements into a dog’s diet. Luckily, most dogs aren’t picky as to what they eat, so they won’t think twice about the flavorless teaspoon of collagen powder mixed into their wet or dry food. Be sure to add the supplement, like our canine biotin collagen, to only one of your dog’s daily meals, and be sure also to adjust the portion depending on the weight of your four-legged friend. One teaspoon is recommended for a forty-pound dog – consult your veterinarian for advice on how to scale the portion if your dog is significantly heavier or lighter.


Collagen for Horses

The benefits that collagen affords to horses are, in many ways, similar to those it affords to dogs. One could argue, however, that equine support collagen is much more crucial to horses as their quality of life is much more dependent on the maintenance of strong joints. This is no secret to horse owners or those that take care of them, which is why there are a lot of supplements on the market that promise to strengthen and repair your horse’s joint health.


Though research is not yet as solid on the other ways in which collagen contributes to overall equine health, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest that collagen supplements can also be of use in maintaining coat and hoof health. It’s also just as easy to introduce collagen to a horse’s diet as it is a dog’s – sprinkle it into your horse’s feed. Be warned, however, that our equine friends require a great deal more of the stuff for it to show any effect. We recommend two ounces a day per every thousand pounds of body weight, but, as with collagen for dogs, we strongly suggest consulting a veterinarian on proper dosage.



Our pets contribute so much to our lives. They play with us, work with us and are always there when we need them. Friendship like that deserves rewarding. By adding collagen supplements to the diet of your dog or horse, you’re making a small investment in the continued health and happiness of your very best friend. Remember that Custom Collagen offers the very best in collagen supplement formulas for horses and dogs and that our friendly customer service associates are always available to answer any questions you might have.

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