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How to Boost Workout Efficiency With Collagen Supplements

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How to Boost Workout Efficiency With Collagen Supplements

November 29, 2017 - customcollagen

Collagen supplements are renowned for their ability to manage and in some cases even eliminate the painful and limiting symptoms of osteoporosis, arthritis, and other joint-related maladies. What’s not as well known is the fact that those supplements can be used both offensively and defensively. Put another way, collagen doesn’t have to be something used to address an existing condition; even if you’re relatively healthy, there’s still plenty that the supplement can do to promote your overall well-being. Arguably the most effective way to do so is to incorporate collagen supplements into your workout regimen, as the amino acids contained within can help boost muscle growth, maintain bone health, and promote well-earned and restorative rest.


Great Gains

Let’s be honest – though we mainly work out to make ourselves healthier, we also don’t mind showing off the rock-hard muscles created by our efforts. If washboard abs or bodacious biceps are what you’re after, then collagen supplements are an excellent and natural way to speed up that sculpting. That’s because collagen contains both glycine and arginine, both of which are known to maintain and restore muscle mass. Arginine specifically assists in this endeavor by stimulating the release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland, which are instrumental to the creation of strong and healthy muscle.


Let’s also be honest about the fact that our workouts don’t always go the way we envision. Strains, pulls and tears are unavoidable for even the most safety-conscious bodybuilder. Still, that doesn’t mean we’re meant to simply bemoan our fate while we wait for our body to heal. The self-repair of damaged tissue can be sped up through usage of glycine and proline, both of which are found in common collagen supplements. Those amino acids lessen inflammation, shorten post-exercise recovery time, and can even be used to reduce your susceptibility to muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. Collagen supplements can do more than just get your body looking right; they can make sure it stays looking right by lessening wear and preventing damage.


Super Slimming

Interested more in losing weight than buffing up? Not to worry – collagen supplements can be of help even if you’re just looking to shed a few pounds. That’s because collagen peptides are an excellent source of protein (which allows you to cut meat out of your diet), containing as much as ten grams a serving. It’s also up to 40% more filling than other types of protein-rich supplements, such as those based on whey or soy. A breakfast shake featuring a scoop of gelatin powder lets you start your day in a healthy way and will keep you full straight through to lunch.


Best Bones

If you’re already engaged in regular, strenuous exercise, then you know just how much strain a good workout can put on your bones and joints. Particularly taxing sessions can make you so sore that you never want to see a rowing machine or weight bench ever again. Luckily, the elements of collagen that help promote healthy muscle growth can also help lessen joint pain and general soreness.


The glycine and proline found within collagen peptides do this by lessening inflammation in wounds (such as when muscles tear as they’re being built) and stiffness in joints. What’s more, it’s even been found to build bone density so as to make that soreness and stiffness less common and more bearable. Those abilities were documented in a 2016 study where collagen peptides were used to assist in joint therapy for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis patients. At the end of the study, those peptides were found to have likely helped in the building of bone mineral density and in providing a protective effect for affected cartilage, elements that combined to lessen the pain experienced by those taking part in the trial. If collagen can do that for those suffering from such painful afflictions, imagine what it can do for your post-workout soreness.


Superb Sleep

Healthy sleep is about more than just giving us enough energy to take on the day – it’s about giving our body the time and rest it needs to work on repairing and restoring itself. That rest becomes doubly important if you’re suffering through a workout-related injury, as damage of that nature can nag for significantly longer without proper sleep. The glycine found in collagen supplements can be of great use in getting that sleep, as research has found the amino acid to be instrumental in lubricating the neurotransmitters responsible for guiding our body into healthy rest.


Glycine even has an added benefit over most sleep aids in that those who take it experience less sleepiness and improved memory during waking hours. The same can’t be said for the many sleep medications that are great at knocking you out but less great at keeping you focused and alert throughout the following day. Those looking for a natural and easy sleep tonic might try dissolving a tablespoon of collagen peptides in a mug of chamomile tea.



If regular, healthy maintenance is what you’re after, then you’d be wise to make collagen supplements part of your daily routine. There’s few better ways to promote your overall well-being for both your present and your future. For more information on how to incorporate collagen into your diet or workout routine, please visit our resource center or reach out to one of our helpful customer service associates.

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