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6 Ways To Alleviate Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

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6 Ways To Alleviate Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

May 25, 2018 - customcollagen


From choosing the right canine supplements to changing daily habits, figuring out how to relieve your dog’s arthritis can be challenging. You want to give your dog the best treatment possible so they can live out their twilight years as comfortably and happily as possible. But, do you rely on traditional veterinary techniques, or do you try more natural solutions that may be less harsh? Do you make changes to their diet or let them continue eating their favorite foods and opt for a softer dog bed instead? We’re here to give you as many options as possible.



1. Pain Medication

Just like in humans, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs) can be crucial to relieving arthritis pain in dogs. NSAID medications help block enzymes that produce inflammation and pain. DMOADs work similarly, but tend to be more targeted at arthritis-related issues. Talk to your veterinarian to see if these medications would work well for your dog.



2. Joint Supplements

Glucosamine and chondroitin are two common canine supplements that help with joint diseases. Hyaluronic acid is a third, but somewhat less common, supplement. All three of these nutrients aid in keeping your dog’s joints lubricated and can even repair damaged cartilage. Improved joint mobility is possible even for dogs who are already dealing with arthritis, especially with the help of these supplements.


In addition to canine supplements like glucosamine, certain herbs can help improve your dog’s comfort when added to their daily diet. For example, bromelain, chamomile, and curcumin are all anti-inflammatory pain relievers. Bromelain and chamomile can also help reduce muscle spasms.


Another supplement people sometimes forget to consider is collagen. On top of helping keep your dog’s joints well lubricated, collagen will also keep their skin moisturized and their coat silky smooth. Consider adding it to the mix to keep your dog not only feeling good, but also looking good.



3. Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an alternative, natural set of remedies that can treat common dog ailments, like arthritis, in addition to other canine supplements and medications. Before starting, it’s wise to discuss what homeopathic substance, potency and dosage would be best for your dog and their symptoms with your veterinarian. If one is available, it’s also recommended that you consult with a homeopathic vet.


One example of a homeopathic remedy is acid salicylicum with a potency of 6c for pain aggravated by movement. On the other hand, if your dog’s pain is improved after they’ve moved around a bit, you might want to try Rhus tox with a potency of 30c. There are also a variety of other options that can help meet your dog’s specific pain needs.



4. Massage

Animal massage therapy in tandem with canine supplements can be immensely helpful for relieving your dog’s arthritis pain. Additionally, massage can increase your dog’s flexibility and circulation, both of which will help improve their overall mobility and happiness. Speak with your vet about massage as a treatment option and they should be able to give you a recommendation for a professional animal massage therapist.



5. Lifestyle Changes

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog’s diet and exercise regimen; maintaining a healthy weight will take pressure off their joints and help ease arthritis pain. Be careful that exercising doesn’t go too far, however — rough-housing in old age can lead to an accidental joint injury. If you can, find soft surfaces for your dog to play on. That way, they can stay active and happy without getting hurt.


When they’re not playing, make sure that your dog has a warm, dry place to sleep. Cold and damp conditions can aggravate arthritis pain. You may also invest in a better, well-padded dog bed or even warm compresses that can be applied to painful joints.



6. Preventive Measures

Rather than waiting for symptoms of arthritis to show and worsen, take preventive measures to ensure your dog avoids this common ailment for as long as possible. Adding collagen supplements to your dog’s diet early on can help their connective joint tissues stay flexible and strong, and can even help regenerate joint health that is already starting to deteriorate.


Most importantly, take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups so you can catch any issues quickly. Discuss which canine supplements might be best for your pet. Then order your dog’s collagen here and put them on the road to a long, healthy life.

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