Ballistic Gel Test Results

Ballistic Gel Test Results By Custom Collagen on January 8, 2020 Ballistic gel mimics certain properties of flesh more closely than any other substance. In fact, ballistic gel from Custom Collagen is so finely tuned to imitate the density of human organs that it’s even used by hospitals and universities to calibrate ultrasound equipment. So […]

Gelatin Mesh Size & Why it Matters

Gelatin Mesh Size & Why it Matters By Custom Collagen on January 8, 2020 Gelatin is used across industries for an incredible variety of applications, from animal supplements to photography. For each of these applications, a different mesh size is required. Knowing the gelatin mesh size that most closely matches the needs of your project […]

A Closer Look at Gelatin Grades and What they Mean

It’s no secret that gelatin provides great benefits to a variety of industries. For hundreds of years, it’s had a vital role in products and services all over the world. But how do you decipher between different types of gelatin? That’s where gelatin grades come into play. As you consider different gelatin blends, it’s important […]

Halal and Kosher Gelatin and Collagen

Custom Collagen is very conscious of the fact that some of our clients need to uphold the strictest dietary and religious standards. It’s that attention to detail that sets us apart from other gelatin and collagen suppliers. We know this is especially important for those who specialize in halal and kosher products.  Gelatin is used […]

Why Choosing Grass-Fed Beef Collagen Matters

Collagen is a protein that helps keep skin, hair, nails and joints healthy, so you’ve probably encountered customers or patients looking to add it to their diet to delay the signs and symptoms of aging. But, just like any other healthcare product, some versions are better for the body than others. Specifically, grass-fed collagen is […]

Gelatin Bloom Strength Types and Uses

When it comes to gelatin bloom, the term can mean one of two things. Bloom can either refer to the act of softening and melting gelatin before adding it to a recipe, or it can refer to the strength or firmness of the gelatin when it cools and forms. In this article, we’re going to […]

The Remarkable Benefits Of Collagen

Wholesale collagen supplements have exploded in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The additives have become nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon as more and more individuals discover the numerous, remarkable benefits they offer. But you can certainly be forgiven if you remain skeptical due to just how many of these health and […]

3 Ammunition Tests That Can Be Run With Ballistic Gel

As any gun enthusiast will tell you, not all ammunition is created equal. But how can gun owners tell which ammunition is the best for firearms, whether for hunting or self-defense? If you manufacture ballistic gel blocks, you’ll want to make sure your products are up to the challenge of an ammunition test, so you […]

The Benefits of Wholesale Collagen for Animals

Humans aren’t the only ones who need help maintaining their health. Animals look to us to provide them with loving care, nutrition and everything else they need to live and thrive. Just like many of us, horses and dogs can suffer from joint issues later on in life. That’s why collagen experts have created collagen […]