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Top Reasons to Add Collagen to Your Coffee

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Top Reasons to Add Collagen to Your Coffee

December 18, 2017 - customcollagen

It’s a common problem – even if you want to start your day off with a healthy, filling breakfast, there often just isn’t time to do so. But did you know that there’s a quick, easy and affordable way to boost the nutritional value of your morning coffee? While nothing can take the place of a nutritious and well-balanced meal, a single daily scoopful of collagen powder in your coffee or tea can provide both short and long-term benefits to your hair, skin, nails, and joints. It’s an excellent way for those of us on the go to take care of ourselves, a boost of health that’s all the more the necessity for individuals with busy and stressful lifestyles.

Top Reasons to Add Collagen to your Coffee:

  • Collagen can contribute to the long-term health of your hair, nails, skin, and joints
  • Assists with the sustained production of your body’s natural collagen stores
  • Increases growth and self-repair of tissue
  • Can be used in fighting back against osteoporosis
  • Healthy way to ingest protein for vegans
  • Collagen supplements can contain ten grams or more of protein per ounce.
  • Reduction in persistent aches and pains
  • Regular coffee drinkers are at a lower risk for diabetes and Parkinson’s
  • Great way to make your morning cup of coffee healthier



If you’re skeptical of this claim, it may in part be because you don’t believe coffee to be the best supplement delivery method. After all, how can anything involving coffee – which is chock full of caffeine and, depending on how you take it, loaded with fat and sugar – be healthy? The reality, however, is that coffee may not be as bad for us as some claim. In recent years, evidence has emerged to suggest that regular coffee drinkers are at a lower risk for diabetes and Parkinson’s disease – they may even enjoy greater liver and heart health than non-drinkers.


This good news, unfortunately, comes with a caveat. Though coffee itself has a very low-calorie count and may offer a variety of benefits, those benefits are counteracted by the calorie and fat-rich cream and sugar that many individuals add to their joe. If improved health is what you’re after, we recommend cutting back on those additions or omitting them entirely. Though this step will make your morning brew a little more bitter, it’ll be more than worth it when you start shedding the pounds that that steady influx of fat and sugar had been adding to your body.


Of course, not everybody drinks coffee to start their day. Some of us prefer a piping hot mug of tea, with perhaps a bit of honey and a squirt of lemon. Those individuals will be happy to learn that collagen powder, like our beef collagen powder, can be added just as easily to tea, adding a nutritional boost to an already-healthful beverage. Though the benefits vary between varieties, no tea contains more than a few calories per serving, and many blends can improve both your immune system and your heart health. What’s more, there are much healthier ways to sweeten tea than there are for coffee, like honey or stevia.



The only question that remains, then, is how one goes about adding collagen to their morning brew. Amazingly, all you have to do is add a tablespoon of collagen powder, like fish gelatin powder, to your coffee or tea and stir it as you would your sugar. The compounds of the collagen will break down within the liquid without adding any flavor or thickness to it, allowing you to enjoy your coffee or tea as usual.


Adding collagen powder, however, becomes a little trickier if you’re working with cold or iced beverages. Without the heat typical to tea or coffee, it’s more difficult for the collagen to break down and integrate itself into the liquid. The result is the formation of gummy clumps or strands within your drink. Though these are flavorless, their slimy texture may come as an unpleasant mid-sip surprise. This issue, however, can be easily resolved by dissolving the powder before you add ice. Add a scoop of the stuff to your coffee or tea while it’s still hot and give it a moment to break down before putting in the ice. That way you’ll have a cold, refreshing, smooth beverage that’s as healthy as it is delicious.



Though there’s not yet conclusive evidence for all the benefits supposedly offered by collagen supplements, there are a few important claims that are supported by clinical research. One claim that’s indisputably true is that supplements can contain ten grams or more of protein per ounce. That’s incredibly useful for, say, individuals who have cut meat out of their diet and are looking for a healthy way to ingest that crucial nutrient. There’s also some evidence to suggest that the supplement can contribute to the long-term health of your hair, nails, skin, and joints – essentially any part of your body that depends on the sustained production of collagen for growth and self-repair. Individuals with persistent aches and pains may also find them soothed after adding collagen to their diet, as some research has indicated that the supplement can be of use in fighting back against osteoporosis and other joint-related maladies.



Though most of us want to live more healthily, it’s a sad fact of our modern era that we frequently lack the time needed to exercise and make healthy food for ourselves. That doesn’t mean we should just give up, though. By making small steps every day – small steps such as adding collagen powder to your coffee or tea – you can make gradual contributions to your overall health that will eventually yield significant and transformative benefits. If you have any other questions about adding collagen powder to your diet, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

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