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Collagen for Dogs and Horses

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Collagen for Dogs and Horses

March 30, 2015 - LLT Group

Collagen for Pets, Dogs & Horses


It can be heartbreaking watching old age take its toll on a beloved four-legged friend, partly because the ailments they suffer from in their golden years are often similar to those we suffer in ours. Though you may recognize the telltale signs of worn joints in their decreasing mobility and lack of energy, there’s little comfort to be found in merely knowing the nature of your dog or horse’s pain. What’s more, there’s often little that can be done to address the issue by the time those telltale signs make themselves known. The treatments that your vet might recommend will make your beloved friend more comfortable, but they’ll do so at a cost that not every pet owner can afford. What every pet owner can afford, however, is adding collagen supplements for dogs and horses to slow or even prevent the joint and bone issues that may hound them in old age. To that end, Custom Collagen is proud to offer collagen supplement blends specifically designed for the needs of dogs or horses, economical and effective products that’ll improve the health and happiness of your four-legged friends without breaking the bank.

Please note that no statement made here is meant to be taken as qualified medical advice. Consult with your dog or horse’s veterinarian before introducing supplements of any nature to their diet.


Dogs and Collagen

If you’ve ever had a dog long enough to watch all that hair of theirs go gray, you probably remember how their activity level dropped as they entered the second half of their life. The pup that used to spend all afternoon chasing squirrels and tennis balls suddenly seems interested in little more than laying in a sunbeam and snoozing the day away. Though part of this change in behavior can be attributed to the natural loss of energy any living creature undergoes as they age, it’s also possible that Rover grew less active because increasing pain in his joints made it difficult to get around at all, much less run up and down the yard like he used to.

Custom Collagen’s Canine Support – a collagen supplement blend formulated specifically for the needs of dogs – was designed specifically to address those joint issues. As with humans, the tendons and cartilage that keep dogs’ joints strong and flexible depend on collagen to maintain that durability and flexibility. Also as with humans, dogs’ bodies lose their natural ability to produce collagen as they age, denying Rover’s joints the protection they need in his golden years.

You can address these issues well ahead of time by adding Canine Support to your dog’s diet in their youth; doing so will strengthen their joints in anticipation of natural, age-related degradation. By limiting that decay, you can increase your dog’s level of mobility, lessen their pain, and improve their overall quality of life. The best part is how easy and affordable it is; the supplement blend consists of flavorless, powdered bovine collagen enhanced with biotin (otherwise known as vitamin H), which can be easily added to your dog’s food at the cost of eighteen cents a serving. The inclusion of biotin has the added benefit of strengthening your dog’s nails and improving their coat, keeping them strong and lustrous even as they develop that distinguished greying look.


Equine Health for your Horse

Joint conditions can be doubly devastating for horses due to just how much they depend on their legs. No matter how strong a horse’s legs may seem in their youth, strength alone will not be enough to overpower the debilitating effects of weakened joints. What’s more, a horse’s hooves are put at particular risk as they age, as their lowered capacity to create collagen often results in cracked or splintered hooves. These symptoms can make something as simple as walking extremely painful, significantly lowering a horse’s quality of life as they age.

Thankfully, these issues can also be addressed simply by adding collagen supplements to a horse’s diet well before they reach their later years. Custom Collagen’s Equine Support – Collagen Joint Care blend, for example, provides just what your horse needs in order to keep their tendons and cartilage strong and flexible as they age. This shelf-stable product provides months’ worth of supplemental powder at a price that’s a great deal more affordable than the vet bills you’ll be avoiding down the road. In addition to avoiding joint and hoof degradation, your horse will also enjoy a coat that remains strong and lustrous well into their later years.

If hoof health is of particular concern to your horse, you may instead opt to try our Equine Support – Gelatin & Biotin blend. Biotin possesses the remarkable ability to help the body absorb and use the amino acids present in gelatin and the vegetable proteins found in hay, corn and other feeds. That ability has proven to be of particular use in maintaining the hoof health of aging horses, which depend on the efficient processing of those nutritional elements to remain strong over time. This is not, to be clear, a supplement with a singular focus; though it has been composed to concentrate on hoof health, horses who have this supplement added to this diet will still enjoy the benefits of stronger joints and healthier coats.

Collagen – a great health product for your pet!

Our dogs and horses do so much for us. They provide companionship, love, and may even help in the operations of your farm or ranch. Don’t you think it’s only right that they are taken care of as they reach their golden years? You can do just that by adding Custom Collagen’s specially formulated supplement blends to their diet. Though they might not be able to thank you, they’ll show their gratitude by remaining an active and energetic companion for years to come.

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