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Gelatin Baking Ideas for the Holidays

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Gelatin Baking Ideas for the Holidays

November 29, 2017 - customcollagen

With the holidays coming up, there are plenty of holiday parties coming up as well. Prepare a holiday dessert everyone will be talking about, and want a piece of, when you bring holiday gelatin dessert ideas and creations to your party! Here are some holiday gelatin baking ideas you’ll want to add to your holiday baking list for this holiday season and what products from Custom Collagen can make it happen.

Raspberry Gelatin Dessert Recipe

A treat everyone at the holiday party will enjoy! This snowy raspberry gelatin dessert is easy to make and is a festive flavor combination. All you need to make this gelatin dessert is raspberry gelatin, regular gelatin, raspberries, water, cream cheese and half and half. Plus, it only takes 30 minutes to prepare not including setting time. Pour into a mold, and all you have to do is wait for your holiday dessert to set. The holiday party guests will love not only the taste of this raspberry and cream gelatin dessert but how pretty and festive this dessert will be on the dessert table.

For this dessert, we recommend using our baker’s sheet gelatin. This makes it, so you don’t have to worry about measuring out the right amount of gelatin, all you have to do is use one of the sheets like you would powdered gelatin. Still the same quality of gelatin just without the fuss of measuring.

Coffee Cream Gelatin Recipe

Another dessert that will certainly be a hit at your holiday party is this coffee cream gelatin dessert. Give your holiday party an extra caffeinated boost with some help from this gelatin dessert. All you need for this holiday dessert is plain gelatin, sugar, vanilla, and whipping cream. Bring this dessert to the holiday party, and you’ll keep the party going with a little-added caffeine. Plus this gelatin dessert will be perfect when all the guests are enjoying an after-dinner cup of coffee.

Besides our sheet gelatin, we also offer fish gelatin and beef gelatin that are perfect to use in holiday gelatin desserts. Both of these baking gelatin options are an excellent option for your culinary endeavors. Plus, they come in 1lb containers so you’ll have more than enough gelatin to use in your baking adventures.

Holiday Themed Jello Shots

Or maybe you want a dessert that will get everyone in the holiday spirit. If so we recommend these holiday-themed jello shots. Layer your favorite green and red gelatin flavors with unflavored gelatin, and don’t forget the vodka! These jello shots take 30 minutes to prepare and roughly 2 hours to set correctly. Get these jello shots ready for your holiday party, and your friends will be enjoying the Christmas party thanks to you and your holiday gelatin recipe!

Start crafting the perfect holiday gelatin dessert with our dessert ideas above and our selection of baker’s gelatin. Have questions about baking with gelatin and our gelatin products? Contact our team of gelatin experts for all your gelatin related questions.

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