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Nutritional Products

Collagen protein is becoming a more popular option as a nutritional supplement. Collagen can act as a nutritional supplement and help with a variety of health issues naturally. See what nutritional benefits your body can have by adding collagen peptides to your diet.

Collagen Protein Benefits

Thinking about adding collagen to your diet? Not only does collagen protein fill you up as an average protein powder does, but there are also many nutritional benefits to adding collagen to your diet. Gelatin as a nutritional supplement can help with health issues such as the following health concerns.

-Improved Digestion

-Lessens Joint Pain

-Can Improve Quality of Sleep

-Better Skin Health

-Maintain Heart Health

-Better Bone Health

If you are looking to improve your nutritional health easily and with a natural option, collagen protein is an excellent solution. The extra dose of natural protein gives your body a natural way to improve skin, digestion, joint pain and more. See how nutritional collagen makes a difference for your body and stock up on collagen protein for your diet.

Ways to Add Collagen Protein to Your Diet

Hydrolyzed gelatin is a common protein supplement because it’s incredibly easy to add to any diet. Because the hydrolyzed gelatin is broken down into its constituent peptides, it is completely flavorless, making it easy to add to various food or drinks within your diet. Want to add this nutritional collagen to your smoothie? Sure, it’s just like a flavorless protein powder. Or you can also dissolve this gelatin in your favorite warm beverage such as hot tea or coffee. Unlike regular gelatin, this hydrolyzed gelatin will dissolve in any liquid and will not form a gel when cooled.

Want to add collagen protein to your diet? At Custom Collagen, we know everything about our  collagen protein products, because we oversee every step of the process. We also guarantee that when you order our collagen peptides, you’ll receive that, with nothing added for color, or preservatives, making this collagen protein a natural option compared to other protein powder alternatives. Choose from products like our beef collagen peptides which is kosher, non-GMO and paleo friendly. Or if you don’t consume beef products, our fish collagen peptides offer you the same benefits and is made from tilapia.

Order nutritional collagen peptides today and start reaping the nutritional benefits of adding more natural protein to your day. Have more questions about the nutritional benefits of collagen products? Contact our team of experts for help finding the best collagen solution for your dietary needs!

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