Marine Collagen Benefits For Your Skin

With regular use, the benefits of marine collagen become clear: a clear complexion. You can start to erase wrinkles and fight the effects of aging with this fantastic, natural supplement.

Harvested and hydrolyzed, fish collagen is a naturally derived substance that, when taken orally, is carried to the dermis — our skin. Here it hydrates and firms, stimulating our bodies to create more collagen and fill in the damaged gaps. The result is radiant, youthful-looking skin. Read on to discover more ways marine collagen benefits your complexion.

What Are the Benefits of Marine Collagen?

Do all collagens work the same? Does fish collagen differ from beef collagen? To answer the first question: No, they don’t. Each has a particular type that works on specific areas of our body and is absorbed at a different rate. To answer the second question: Yes, fish or marine collagen differs from types sourced from other animals. Marine collagen is Type 1 and 3. Type 1 collagen gives structure to our skin and accounts for 90% of our body’s supply.

Whether or not marine collagen benefits you depends on what you want to achieve. If you’re trying to strengthen those achy knees, then you will probably be okay with the collagen derived from chicken sternum. This contains Type 2 collagen, which supports joints, tendons and other connective tissues.

In the following chart, you can see the three types of collagen discussed here. Notice that “MARINE COLLAGEN” has two different types, allowing it to help your skin resist and correct signs of aging as well as energize your body to create new tissue. There are many benefits of marine collagen, including being the most critical collagen for skin health.


In all, there are twenty-eight types of collagen, but we’re focusing on two. Type 2 we’ve seen is for joints and bones. But if you want younger, healthier-looking skin, you’ll need Type 1. And that will require a boat. So grab your fishing gear and head to the high seas. Or keep reading.

What Does Marine Collagen Do For You?

Marine collagen can:

  • Hydrate and firm your skin, bringing back elasticity
  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles or prevent future ones
  • Restore collagen levels and build new tissue to repair wounds
  • Fight bacterial infections with crucial amino acids such as lysine
  • Protect bone density and foster tissue growth

While collagen from other sources does excellent work, too, marine collagen supplements are the best way to help your skin turn back the clock. Type 1 collagen, the type that accounts for 90% of our skin’s collagen supply, is what fish collagen has in abundance.

Marine Collagen has Vital Proteins

Proteins, made up of amino acids, are the building blocks of life. And also our skin. Getting older means losing elasticity in our skin, making it wrinkly or saggy. This loss of elasticity occurs due to collagen’s weakening, specifically Type 1 collagen — the same kind found in marine life. Ingesting fish collagen repairs some of this skin damage.

Studies show that ingesting collagen peptides, small pieces of collagen, can build up the skin’s collagen supply and restore it over time. Further, some of the amino acids found in fish collagen, lysine, glycine, hydroxyproline and proline, work as antioxidants to protect cells and even guard the skin against UV light.

Our skin is always under attack. If it’s not the cold or the wind, then it’s the blazing sun baking it dry. Add to that the natural aging process, and our firm, smooth skin can’t seem to catch a break. But with the benefits of marine collagen, vital proteins can empower our skin to begin to do the impossible and reverse the ravages of time.

Bioavailability of Fish Collagen

Whoa! What is “Bioavailability?” Simply put, bioavailability is how quickly our bodies absorb, through the intestinal wall, whatever we’ve ingested. And our bodies devour marine collagen and begin to rebuild our collagen supply in under an hour. It takes eight to twelve hours to digest our dinners, so that’s extremely fast.

How can it do that? The answer is hydrolysis. In this case, hydrolysis is the breakdown of larger collagen molecules into even smaller collagen peptides. That makes it one and a half times more absorbent than beef, pork or chicken collagen. Fish collagen goes to work almost as soon as you swallow it.

Tip the Scales in Your Favor with Natural Fish Collagen

We all like to look and feel young. And the benefits of marine collagen are a great way to recapture that smooth, radiant skin. But more than that, fish collagen will positively affect your overall health. With collagen supplements, your body’s supply will be there to do more than just make you look good.

A full stock of collagen will also help your body repair wounds, build new tissue and even fight off infections. With marine collagen, vital proteins will add nutritional benefits and decrease pain. Fish collagen can even help ease osteoarthritis symptoms.

The list of benefits just keeps growing.

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