1.5 Lb Hydrolyzed Gelatin Fish Collagen Peptides


This hydrolyzed gelatin is a fish collagen peptides product that has gone through several in-house testing processes to assure that our quality and purity standards are exceeded. There is absolutely nothing added to our fish collagen. When you order a jar of our fish collagen peptides, you will receive just that! How do we know? We are a collagen manufacturer and oversee the process from start to finish. The source material is from tilapia fish farms where the water is purified, and their diet is regulated. The fish collagen is then produced in an Israeli run facility that is regulated by Kosher authority. In addition to our extensive laboratory tests, each jar is weight checked, goes through metal detection and is tamper evident sealed. Read more

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Typical uses for fish collagen include:

  • Joint pain
  • Hair and nail strength
  • Alternative to soy or whey protein
  • Vegetarian alternative
  • Skin tone
  • Paleo applications

Use hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides where a non-mammalian source is recommended. This fish collagen product will quickly dissolve in anything with ample liquid. Tea, coffee, yogurt, stew, lemonade, soup, pasta sauce, salsa, you name it!

This product comes in powder form that will dissolve quickly in hot or cold liquids and will not create a gel once cooled. Purchase fish peptides today and start a healthier lifestyle!

What type of fish is this product made from?

Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)

What is the country of origin?

This Fish Collagen Peptides product is made exclusively from the scales of Tilapia farmed with a fresh water quality standard, as only purified water is used. We currently source from a few select Farms that meet our strict standards. These farms are located in Ecuador, Honduras, Indonesia and China. All suppliers are required to provide testing reports from outside agencies showing the absence of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and herbicides

Is this product tested for heavy metals?

Yes, this product is 3rd party tested for heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. It also goes through a metal detector during the packaging process. If any metals are detected, the product is immediately kicked off of the packaging line.

Are the tilapia farm raised or wild caught?

Fish Collagen Peptides supplied by Custom Collagen, Inc. comply with a fresh water quality standard, as only purified water is used in the farm raising of the tilapia.

What is the difference between gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin (collagen)?

Gelatin can only dissolve in hot liquid and will form a gel. Hydrolyzed gelatin (collagen) will dissolve in cold or hot liquid and will not form a gel.

Does this product expire?

If gelatin/collagen is stored in a tightly sealed poly-lined container in normal indoor conditions, it will remain stable indefinitely. We recommend keeping it in an airtight container in your pantry.

What is the recommended serving for our Hydrolyzed Gelatin Fish Collagen Peptides?

We recommended taking 9 grams once a day.

Can you take our Hydrolyzed Gelatin Fish Collagen Peptides more than once a day?

Absolutely! We have heard some great success stories from people who take this two or three times per day. Since this product is purely hydrolyzed gelatin, there is no toxic level.

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