SuperClear™ Gelatin – 2 Lb Resealable Bag


Make your next piece of artwork with our exclusive SuperClear™ Gelatin. This clear gelatin powder is a 300 Bloom Type A unflavored pork gelatin product that is unmatched in clarity and strength. The most popular application for this product is edible gelatin art. Read more

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Does this gelatin require refrigeration after it is used to make your art piece?

Yes, after the gelatin powder is dissolved into a liquid it needs to be refrigerated in order to gel.

How much gelatin will 1 bag make?

One 2 lb bag will produce approximately 250 servings at 8 oz each.

What is the source of this gelatin?

Our SuperClear Gelatin is sourced from Pork Skin.

What is the bloom of this gelatin?

SuperClear Gelatin is a 300 bloom gelatin.

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