Beef Collagen Peptides Stick Packs


Same excellent beef collagen peptides, now in convenient stick packs! Our new single serving size is perfect to bring with to the gym, office, or on the go. This 30 count case of collagen peptides can be conveniently stored in your car, desk drawer, or gym bag. Going on vacation? Pack a few stick packs in your luggage. Going out to dinner? Throw a couple in your purse. Read more

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Uses for This Beef Collagen Peptides Stick Packs

  • Joint pain
  • Hair and nail strength
  • Alternative to soy or whey protein
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Even skin tone
  • Surgery recovery
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Celiac disease
  • Paleo applications
  • Great source of protein

This premium beef collagen peptides product has gone through several in-house testing processes to assure that our quality and purity standards are exceeded. There is absolutely nothing added to this beef collagen peptide product. When you order a carton of our Beef Collagen Peptides Stick Packs, you will receive just that!

How do we know? We are a gelatin and collagen manufacturer, so we see the collagen process from start to finish. We source the material for this product from South American cattle farms that pasture raises their livestock. In addition to our extensive laboratory tests, each stick pack of beef collagen peptides is weight checked, goes through metal detection and is tamper evident sealed.

These beef collagen peptides will quickly dissolve in an ample amount of liquid. Tea, coffee, yogurt, stew, lemonade, soup, pasta sauce, salsa, you name it! Purchase these beef collagen peptides today and start improving your overall health!

View the Certificate of Origin for this product.

Also, view the Pesticide Free analysis for this product.

*The Amino Acid content is represented as averages of multiple test results.

I usually order the 2 lb jar of Beef Collagen Peptides. Is this the same product?

Yes, it is the exact same product!

Are the stick packs flavored?

No. There is nothing added to these stick packs. It is simply unflavored beef collagen peptides.

How much is in each stick pack?

Each stick pack is the equivalent of 1 serving size (11 grams).

Why do the amino acids add up to over 100%?

The Amino Acid content is represented as averages of multiple test results.

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Common uses for hydrolyzed gelatin and beef collagen peptides:

  1. Joint pain
  2. Hair and nail strength
  3. Skin health – anti aging
  4. Muscle tone
  5. Increase energy level
  6. Leaky gut
  7. Natural sleep
  8. Detoxification
  9. Alternative to soy or whey protein
  10. Paleo applications