Canine Support


Get a specially formulated biotin for dogs that are Non-GMO and gluten-free! Our Canine Support supplement has a blend of both bovine collagen and biotin. Collagen protein will provide your dog with more energy while improving hip function, joint function, and mobility. Biotin commonly known as Vitamin H is necessary for a dog’s growth, digestion and muscle function. This biotin dogs supplement has both ingredients working together to strengthen nails, improve skin and coat conditions, and prevent skin allergies. Read more

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A dog’s old age starts to set in when they are halfway through their life. They suffer from many of the same problems that are associated with old age in humans. Giving your dog the best biotin and collagen supplements will make the aging process much more pleasant for them.

Our Canine Support product is meant for dogs of any size. Sprinkle the collagen powder on your dog’s food and mix once per day. Shop our full selection of supplements for animals. Have questions about gelatin uses? Contact our experts today.

What size dog can take this supplement?

Any size dog can take this supplement! We have instructions on the label for dogs of all sizes.

Does this come with a scoop?

This product does not come with a scoop. A serving size is 1 teaspoon.

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