Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies


Our delicious, soft and chewy Hair, Skin and Nail gummies are strawberry coconut flavored and smells like vacation the second you open the bottle. Our unique formula includes biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and folic acid. They are natural gluten free gummies and are non-gmo. Read more

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  • VEGETARIAN GUMMIES: Our unique formula uses pectin instead of gelatin – making these delicious gummy vitamins vegetarian friendly.
  • BIOTIN: One of our key ingredients, biotin, can thicken hair and stimulate hair growth for longer, fuller hair
  • VITAMIN D: One of the secrets to youthful skin, vitamin D may help prevent skin from prematurely aging.
  • FOLIC ACID: Can provide increased hydration to our skin and helps maintain the skin’s natural beauty.

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