Marine CollagenCaps


Our wild caught marine collagen is sourced from the highest quality Alaskan Pollock caught right in the Bering Sea! We have a strong relationship with production facilities in Alaska and we can ensure their standards are up to par with our expectations and product specification. We have put this product through extensive laboratory testing including pesticides and heavy metals. Only the best for our customers. Read more

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Nothing is added to our wild caught marine collagen capsules. We have taken our high-quality marine collagen peptides dietary supplement powder and put it into collagen capsules. Collagen capsules offer a more convenient way to add collagen for those who might not want to mix the powder into a drink.

Marine collagen capsules are perfect for those looking to improve their skin, hair, and nails. It does not take much collagen to notice differences in these areas. A few of these marine collagen capsules twice a day should do the trick!

While collagen powder has virtually no odor and taste, there are still those who may be extra sensitive to collagen protein. Capsules help provide an alternative that eliminates smell and taste.

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