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The modern gelatin recipes and dishes we enjoy today have a long and storied history! The first to use gelatin for cooking and baking purposes, the gourmet-minded French created their foods “en gelee-aontnd” (their word for it is gelatine). Gelatin is produced from collagen (a gelatinous substance) which is extracted from boiling animal bones.


One of the many uses for gelatin and collagen products are for confectionary applications. Whether running a commercial bakery or kitchen or just using fresh berries from the garden, our gelatin products have many uses. There are many advantages to using gelatin – it’s a binding agent, emulsifier, texturing agent, stabilizer, and whipping agent. Gelatin is particularly useful in icings, glazes and crème fillings. It stabilizes the aqueous phase of such systems and helps to maintain a fine sugar crystal structure. Gelatin is also used in mousses, chiffons, cream fillings, and whipped toppings because of its whipping and stabilizing properties.


For brewing and winemaking applications, gelatin has a tendency to form coacervates with other proteins and hydrocolloids. This property makes gelatin useful for precipitating materials that cause haze or cloudiness. Gelatin is used to clarify wines, beer, fruit juices and vinegar.


Our unflavored beef gelatin powder is Kosher certified, and it made of the finest food quality gelatin. This gelatin is colorless and flavorless, which makes an excellent thickening agent for jams, jellies, desserts, salads, ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc. Beef gelatin powder is used in icings to aid in retaining moisture and to stabilize the mixture. Use this gelatin in your next recipe where gelatin is needed!


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