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Top Uses of Ballistic Gelatin

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Top Uses of Ballistic Gelatin

March 6, 2018 - customcollagen

Ballistic gelatin is specially formulated to simulate human body density and is used in a wide variety of experimental environments. The FBI, military, law enforcement, medical professionals, along with ammunition and gun manufacturers are among the many entities who utilize ballistic gelatin for testing. Specifically, these groups use ballistic gel to test body armor, the performance of firearms, as well as medical equipment. The ballistic gelatin serves to replicate how body armor would protect the torso of the human body, along with firearm accuracy and how tissue would be impacted by medical equipment.


Testing Body Armor with Ballistic Gelatin

Ballistic gelatin is used for testing body armor by law enforcement officials and tactical equipment manufacturers. These tests assess the performance of the projectile when fired against a subject wearing Level III-A Body Armor. If the III-A panels stop the projectile, it is retested against Level II-A. The penetration shots are conducted with a test barrel. When practical to allow for more consistent comparison of the ammunition, the results received from a test barrel might be the same, or different than those from a service weapon. During this test, the ballistic gelatin is formed in a mold that would be similar to the human torso. That mold is covered with the body armor that is being tested against this replica of the human body during each firing.


Ballistic Gel Used to Test Performance of Firearms

In a similar fashion to testing body armor, ballistic gelatin is also used to test the performance of firearms. A weapon is utilized during velocity and accuracy tests to show a perspective of the deviation, if any, from the test barrel. Results may vary from firearm to firearm, including functional characteristics. One pistol may be substantially more accurate or produce higher velocity than another of the same make and model. Each test report will specify the weapon used for testing. These weapons are fired into ballistic gelatin for each test. Those entry points are then measured against where the weapon was fired to identify its velocity and accuracy.


Ballistic gelatin is used to test medical equipment

Ballistic gelatin is used to test medical equipment by creating molds of the human body which often include simulated bones and blood packs inside the gel. This simulated body is then used to test, for example, surgical equipment and its impact cutting through tissue which is being represented by the ballistic gel. There are other probing and penetration tests that are used to measure the impact of medical equipment with ballistic gelatin as well. This process is extremely important for creating an environment where medical equipment can be enhanced and developed in order to save as many lives as possible when used in a surgical operation.


Ballistic Gelatin For Sale

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