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What is Viscosity and Why is it Important for Gelatin?

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What is Viscosity and Why is it Important for Gelatin?

March 28, 2018 - customcollagen

Viscosity is a measure of texture or the thickness of fluids, which is itself one of the key quality characteristics of foods and drinks. At a molecular level, the viscosity is a result the friction interaction between the different molecules in a fluid. For example, water has low viscosity while gelatin has high viscosity. Many manufacturers now regard viscosity as a crucial part of their developmental research and processes. Viscosity measurements are often the most accurate reliable ways to analyze some factors affecting product processing performance.

Viscosity is a component in the texture of food. Viscosity measurements are mainly used in the food industry to maximize cost-effectiveness and production efficiency. This measurement affects the rate at which the gelatin travels through a pipe, how long it takes to set or dry, and the time it takes to dispense the fluid into the packaging for distribution. The gelatin viscosity must be monitored and measured during production to ensure that each batch will go through the production process efficiently.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin powder is formed from dehydrating parts of animals including skin, tissue, and bones. Gelatin might not sound too appetizing, but you most likely won’t even notice because gelatin is virtually transparent and flavorless. Gelatin is a sticky adhesive that is generally used in food preparation for many jellies, desserts, and candies like gummy bears. But you’ll also find gelatin powder, beef gelatin, hydrolyzed gelatin or gelatin supplements, making it beneficial for anyone who consumes it.

The Viscosity of Gelatin

The viscosity of gelatin is an important quality parameter for future use when it comes to culinary, personal consumption and other uses. The viscosity of ballistic gelatin will determine how quickly the gelatin will melt and how fast a ballistic gel block will set or gel during testing. Our specification requires a 46mps minimum for this critical application. The food grade equivalent would be 42 ± 4mps.

Custom Collagen Products Have the Optimum Viscosity Levels

At Custom Collagen, we offer our customers a variety of ballistic gelatin products that help you better test your products and help you gather the most accurate results possible. Stock up on ballistic gelatin today! Have questions about the ballistic gelatin offered in our online collagen store? Contact our collagen experts at Custom Collagen for all your questions about ballistic gelatin.

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